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Moving to the socialist dreamland

In the event your candidate is not president next January or your favorite candidate didn’t make the final two and as a result you will be moving to another country,  here is a list of possibilities. Note the average income, taxes (compulsory deduction) and net disposable income.

Oh, a McD combo in Swtizerland is about $15.00; the most expensive country in the world and the Scandinavian countries rank in the top five on the Big Mac Index. 🍔🍟 And oh those taxes. Luxembourg? It has a population of 600,000, I don’t think there is room for all the Bernie Millennials 😉

See you in Ireland I guess ☘, but leave your SUV behind; it won’t fit on the roads. 


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  1. That is one set of statistics that surprises me. I would not have guessed that Ireland is ranked ahead of many of the other European countries, who I thought were far wealthier. But then again, I’ve not been to Ireland.


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