Free college is actually f r e e e e e e🤑

Eighty-two percent (82%) of all adults recognize, too, that when politicians promise to make college tuition free, it means taxpayers will be paying that tuition. Just seven percent (7%) think it means college will really be free. Eleven percent (11%) are not sure.

imageA new Rassmusen poll shows the above results. Let’s  not focus on the norm (we hope), but on the 7% who believe free means free and the 11% who are not sure. That’s 18% of likely voters who apparently have little understanding of economics, government or simple math. I’m guessing it may be the same people who believe free health care is also free. 

What an incredible waste of money “free” college will be unless tuition free college is accompanied by significant reforms in how we deliver and evaluate that education. Good luck with that 🙈🙉🙊


  1. I got free college back in 1970, after I served 3 years with Uncle Sam. So let these kids go into service for our country, then they can go to college for 2 years


  2. Let’s save a lot of taxpayer’s money and just issue free college degrees four years after high school. While they wait those four years, they can do anything but work, you know go out drinking every night, sleep in late, have their mom’s make their bed. The results will be the same. No rise in real education or knowledge gained. However it should save taxpayers a ton of money instead of paying for college or even backing loans to students who could never earn enough in their chosen field to pay back what they borrow.

    Better idea, how about raising high school standards and stop pushing everybody through because of no child left behind. You should not need an associate degree to count change in retail.


    1. Who counts change anymore? Every purchase nowadays is credit card ,debit card or occasionally cash and the electronic cash register figures out the change. Fewer and fewer jobs require any intelligence at all. Machines are taking over.

      It won”t be long before “Do you want fries with that?” will be spoken by a robot.


      1. You’re right. Wawa’s around where I live have kiosks to place your sandwich order. Press 1 for English and the change is automatically dispensed if you pay with cash when you checkout.

        Maybe I should start a for profit school with a degree for deli sandwich making that people can get student loans for backed by the government. One of those high price schools that the welfare people attend to keep their benefits.


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