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Put on a uniform … and then give your opinion

Should what happened in Dallas come as a surprise? 

For years we have been inundated with misleading, inflammatory rhetoric about an array of subjects; the war on this or that, the unfairness of one thing or the other, misinformation about Social Security and even pay discrimination against women, student loan debt and who earns the minimum wage. Why should the performance of our police be any different? 

When a black man is killed by police they are always a “victim” as if there were no circumstances of their doing placing them at risk. After the fact, the press recites “unarmed” endlessly creating the impression a police officer was simply using his “victim” for target practice. They never question how a police officer often faced with a potential threat was supposed to know in a split second all the facts that reveal themselves after an incident. 

Sen. Sanders decries the unfairness of minority incarceration , but ignores the statistics that are the root cause. 

A billionaire funds Black Lives Matter, regardless of the underlying purpose of that movement. Or, that is was based on false information to begin with or that a black man faces a far greater risk of being shot by another black man than a police officer. 

Politicians and much of the press are undermining public confidence in the police, making it harder for them to do their job, placing them at risk and gradually causing the police to back off doing their job for fear of repercussions or retaliation thereby increasing the crime, especially in urban areas. There should be absolute support for the police not ideology based mincing of words and vague statements littered with caveats. 

In short, politicians, mostly on the left, have spent the last seven years dividing our nation and pitting  one group against another. Their doing so with the police is just the example with the most physical damage from riots and looting and now to outright assassinations. 

Put on a police uniform and walk a beat or drive a patrol car in the highest crime districts of Chicago, Detroit, New York, Newark, Washington, DC., St Louis or L.A. Stop a suspicious car on a dark night. Confront a group of roudy men in a housing project. Run into a dark alley or stairwell or knock on a door in a run down building after receiving a report of gun fire. 

After you have done all that and felt the stress, apprehensive, fear, anxiety and abuse, then see how easily you can condemn the actions of the police. 

We put our police in danger, we give them weapons, do we seriously expect perfection and never an overreaction or poor judgement or outright accident? Our police departments are made up of human beings just like the rest of us. Somewhere in their midst are a bad apple or two, but it is certainly a tiny percentage. Police officers don’t start their day hoping to add another notch on their gun handle. I suspect they fear even having to remove a gun from its holster because doing so means they are in serious trouble. 

The pen surely is mightier than the sword and so is the mouth of a politician. Both are destroying our nation. 


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  1. I thought the taser was invented so, police do not have to use deadly force. The fact is we live in a “POLICE STATE.” The government is involved in way to many parts of our lives and that is not what the founders wanted. Traffic stops do not make us safer, they are just revenue schemes for the “POLICE STATE.” The “DRUG WAR” has wasted billions of tax dollars and has not stopped people from getting drugs. “That government is best which governs least” is a motto with which Henry David Thoreau opens his pamphlet, Civil Disobedience. Our problem today, is we have to much government at all levels and until this changes we will continue to have a country in turmoil.


  2. “In short, politicians, mostly on the left, have spent the last seven years dividing our nation and pitting one group against another”. What a completely ludicrous thing to write! The presumptive nominee for president chosen by the right is Trump. While not all right-wingers are Trump supporters, all Trump supporters are far right-wing. While not all Trump supporters are racists, all racists are Trump supporters. Paul Ryan divides us into “makers” and “takers” and holds “takers” in complete disdain. Right wing politicians have clearly and obviously created this horrible climate and now they are getting what they deserve – Donald J. Trump.


    • Do I have to point out that Trump is a last year phenomenon and not the last seven years? Trump is no better pitting us against immigrants along with his reprehensible name calling, etc.

      However, my observation about the last seven years is correct. We have been finding one group or institution to scapegoat all along the way and with great effect on a population willing to accept what they want to hear with no effort to obtain the truth.

      My current fascination is with various liberal groups on Facebook talking about Social Security and misleading, if not lying to people about its condition while ignoring the facts in the Trustee Reports. There is a growing surplus, we can easily afford to expand benefits, Congress and Republican presidents stole the Social Security money, each person paid for their benefits, Congress withheld COLAs, no interest is earned by the Trust and more. When I made comments contradicting their erroneous statements, one Facebook group “Social Security Works” blocked me from making comments or replying to other comments. We are not talking opinion here, but facts.

      I have reviewed hundreds of comments on these pages and the vast majority repeat the false information from these organizations and politicians. A common theme is Reagan and Bush stole the trust fund when in fact the Trust has been funded the same way since the beginning until 2010 when there were no longer excess incoming tax revenue. They also accept and repeat the myth that merely raising the taxable wage cap fixes SS AND provides money to expand benefits. It wouldn’t even make SS solvent for the 75 year measurement period.

      Is it fair to have 6% of wage earners pay for retirement benefits for the other 94% and turn the program into welfare? Many people think it is thereby adopting the let somebody else pay my way philosophy

      In any case, nice to see you back.


      • Trump is not a “last year phenomenon”. Rather, he is the end product of nearly 8 years of right wing obstructionism of any meaningful presidential and/or congressional efforts to move our nation forward. “Make America Great Again” and “Make America Safe Again” mean “Make America White Again” to racist Trump supporters and right-wing ideologues. Racist Republicans in red states have suffered through nearly eight years of having a black president and it has driven them to near insanity.
        Republicans cannot garner popular votes in elections because their ideology is out dated, idiotic and has been proven to be wrong for years on end. Republicans were hoping that that a two-year seven million dollar Benghazi investigation that produced NOTHING would sway voters. Republicans are hoping that an FBI investigation of State Department e-mails, that resulted in nothing of consequence, will sway voters. Republicans are hoping that gerrymandering and wholesale suppression of Democratic voters will win them the election.
        Congressional Republicans do not represent the will of their constituencies. Rather, they vote to oppose the will of the American people in the following ways:
        Paul Ryan is dedicated to destroying Medicare and privatizing Social Security
        Republicans oppose raising the minimum wage or even the existence of a minimum wage
        Republicans oppose background checks for gun purchases and the sale of assault rifles to civilians and suspected terrorists on “no-fly” lists
        Republicans oppose universal health care
        Republicans oppose immigration reform of any kind
        Republicans oppose SNAP and Head Start programs
        Republicans believe that if you’re not wealthy, you are lazy
        Republicans believe that lowering taxes on the top 1% will result in economic growth – give the top 1% a tax reduction, and they will stash it in off-shore income tax shelters – raise the minimum wage and those people will spend that money because they must do that in order to survive – history proves that
        Republicans in congress have slashed veterans’ benefits, school lunch funding. Meals on wheels, Pell grants
        Republicans in Congress have decried the rate of inner city minority pregnancies while defunding Planned Parenthood, school sex education and voting to refuse abortions for any reason. They also vote to reduce SNAP, Medicaid and any other programs to assist the least among us. Republicans in Congress are “Pro-Life” until birth but then “Pro-Death” by economic deprivation and starvation.
        Republicans in Congress have beaten down our minority populations by slashing inner city school funding, refusing to increase the minimum wage and obstructing our president’s efforts to provide them jobs rebuilding our badly dilapidated infrastructure. So the right-wing beats down and completely subjugates minority people. And, the very sick right wing congress members cower in fear of the NRA to be reelected and allow the subjugated and beaten down minorities to buy assault rifles. And, then, when after the Dallas slaughter, the Republicans ask, “What happened”?
        As I predicted on your site nearly two years ago, these continually beaten down minorities will rise up


  3. The sad part about all of this is that I think that our current President has caused more race relations problems more so than anybody else since the 1960’s. I think some people expected more change from him. The President by his comments over the years has not supported law and order either and was willing to blame others instead of having us do a self examination.

    But the biggest problem I see is us.

    We want to stop racism. How do we do that? Use statistics to identify the problem. We want reduction in crime. How do we do that? Use statistics to identify the problem areas. The FBI annual crime report states that 53% of the arrested murders are black which make up only 13% of the population, it doesn’t take long for a cop to look at every other black person as a murderer. After all a fisherman is not going to waste his time fishing in a lake with no fish, he is going to fish where other people have caught fish. It is common sense. In defense of police officers, this information may save his life. But have we made the police too jumpy by all this information and trained them to shoot first in order to go home at the end of the day?

    If you want to stop racism you have to stop reporting race but then with limited resources you will be wasting a lot of effort looking in the wrong places. If racial profiling is wrong then why does the FBI and DOJ issue reports by race?

    I also think that the selection process for who become policemen needs some work. If you watch the show Alaska State Troopers or ever hunted and talk to a game warden you realize that these are very brave men. Everybody they come into contact with has a loaded firearm and could kill them and leave them in the woods where they may never be found. But it rarely happens. ( For the record there is no background check for hunters, you can legally borrow a gun to go hunting.)

    Why? I don’t know why more are not killed but maybe it is mutual respect among hunters and the Alaskan people and the troopers and game wardens.

    In real life criminals lie to the police so the police just assume that everybody lies to them. In TV shows and as in real life, police seem to come off like they are on a power trip to try to dominate situations for their own safety.

    The public does not trust the police and social media does not help with its clips that do not show the whole story. I also believe the victims of last week police shootings were victims which tells me the police do not respect us either.

    I do not see a way to fix the lack of respect with the misuse of social media and the politician’s rhetoric. There are some groups in the cities that totally do not want to be policed except by themselves which talk alone will not change. Some major event is going to have to make these people decide for themselves that enough is enough because there is no current leaders that can drive peaceful change.


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