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Uh The senior citizen perspective … OMG who stole my Social Security?

I’m not going to comment much on the following. What you see below are comments from Facebook posts about Social Security. These are not unusual, but typical. They reflect not only gross misinformation, but from my perspective sometimes selfishness; even greed. 

They also make it clear that the far left’s drumbeat of your entitled (to more) and others can pay is quite effective. Just so you have a frame of reference, here are screen shots from the video these people are reacting to. It tells them there is a surplus which is growing, and that Social Security is in good shape and can easily be expanded. None of that is true, of course. 

The surplus of revenue over spending is only because of interest being paid by the Treasury. The disability trust is running a deficit right now. The video only shows the combined numbers. Most important they fail to mention Congress has ignored annual warnings to fix the program or that full benefits can’t be paid to anyone after 2034.

Clearly these people have no idea how the system works or what the $2.7 trillion represents. They think money was stolen, but have no clue that the $2.7 trillion supposed surplus is the Treasury bonds purchased by the trust. They want the cash left in the trust, but don’t understand that interest on the $2.7 is vital to paying benefits today or that the interest is coming from taxpayers or adding to the federal deficit depending on how you view it. 

By the way, those IOUs people refer to are Treasury bonds not unlike US Savings Bonds so if they are no good, neither are your Savings Bonds. 

These are the tactics of the progressives and as you can see below, the uniformed accept the propaganda without question. 

😳 The REpub. are hoping to get their hands on OUR money and there is a lot! ONe of the, if not, the most successful programs in our country!

😳 The politicos want to dismantle Social Security, not because it’s not working, but because they can’t stand to see all that money that they can’t get their hands on unless they do!!!

😒 Then where is our raise? Been missing for years. Only workers not illegals or muslims. No more disability for young people able to work but have crooked attorneys and doctors, lying.

πŸ€‘ Well lets get it expanded and give us our 5% yearly increase out of our own money, and never delay or cut it again. (Y)

😳 Remove the cap and let it work for the people! Everyone should benefit from this program and could if only the cap was removed. Let the people decide, not the politicians!

πŸ€” Great news! Puts the lie to all the greedy politicians who say the program is a liability, just so they can get their hands on all this money for their own greedy selves and their wealthy masters!!!!! [That great news was the erroneous headline that SS has a surplus and there is plenty of money to expand benefits]

😁 Richad Quinn, if I wanted to be as rude as you, well,a think I will be. Your “post” is a tissue of lies put out by people who have their agenda and care not for Social Security or the idea of it. I can see you are semi-literate so I will let you figure it out. Consider: 600 billion dollars annual military budget. Offshore accounts that escape, some estimate, billions of dollars. We don’t know, they are “offshore, “Overseas investments. No idea how much money escapes taxation. You tell me it’s legal and I’ll tell you ot may be legal but it sure as hell isn’t right. Ten of the largest and most successful corporations that made billions not only paid no Federal income taxes, the government gave them billions in subsidies.So don’t tell me Social Security isn’t solvent. That’s a flat out lie. [My post referred to was a detailed description of the funding practices and state of the trust based on the latest trustees report]

πŸ€‘ The problem is that Congress has been taking this money and using it for other things, and just writing the Trust IOUs in place of what they “borrow” from it..

πŸ˜‹ You work a long time for these benefits. No one should be able to take that away from you.These are the true facts that Social Security is fiscally sound for a long time.

πŸ™„ This is all BS – if they have all this money then WHY DON’T WE GET COST OF LIVING RAISES??????????

😜 Give us our money you crooks and stop using social security as your own private piggy bank. We can’t live on what you are giving us. We need a raise now.

😠 if we called in all the funds that were “borrowed” since the Reagan Administration alone, that figure would more than double. Social Security needs to be protected so that politicians are no longer able to “borrow” surpluses generated to offset other costs or pay for non related programmes.

πŸ˜— Why can’t they understand we only need it averaging 10 to 30+ years. We die on average of age 70 to 90 years. They need to gve us a lump sum when we die out of it of $10,000 to pay final expenses.

😟 of course she (Clinton) may flip flop, but hopefully not. Also, they need to stop borrowning/stealling from the social security fund. Reagan and Bush stole trillions from social security

😒 Every single prick that talks that shit about cutting S.S. should immediately be shot between the eyes, no questions asked.

😏 the fascist are coming for our social security.


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  1. I used to wonder are people really this clueless when it comes to Social Security. But your posts and comments from readers, family and friends proves it time and time again. The biggest thing I hear all the time is “IT IS OUR MONEY” and “I WILL NEVER GET BACK EVERYTHING I PAID.” Most people get back everything that was paid in taxes in 6 to 8 years. I gave my sister a wake up call, when I did the math and showed her that the last year of working and paying the SS tax $8,080 both halves, only pay 4 months of her SS benefit. Also, she will have everything back in 5.6 years. Sure some high earners are getting less, but they are getting something and have been able to make a very good living during their working life. I wonder how everyone is going to feel when all benefits will need to be cut 25% in 2033, in just 17 years? I am sure there will be a Congressional Investigation on “Who Stole The Money” LOL.


  2. The internet has primarily allowed the ignorant to share their emotions although the universe of facts is now more readily available than ever. Many millions in the U.S. are more or less functionally illiterate. They can read, but don’t.


  3. Well, it was a Republican who most recently expanded the entitlement programs and added $10+ Trillion of unfunded liability – George W. Bush.

    I think you should go back to that website and confirm that one little fact. It seems that blaming Bush works for everything else. Then, all you have to confirm is that $10+T (where there are no reserves or trust fund – never had it, never will) > $2.7T.


  4. Unfortunately, one of the great weaknesses of democracy is that even the math challenged and financial illiterates get to vote.


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