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Happy Independence Day (which just happens to be the 4th of July)

The founding citizens of our Republic passed along a great gift. Over the centuries we have fought many times to preserve that gift for future generations. 

Our success to date has been in large measure because of the American can do spirit, the drive and ambition of all our citizens both natural-born and immigrants and … our self-sufficiency and lack of entitlement mentality. 

Let’s pray that Americans in the 21st century are up to the challenge of passing our Republic to future generations.


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  1. Freedom is not free. We fought for our freedoms and we should protect them everyday. Many other countries want the same freedoms. I am shocked when reporters ask the folks on the street questions about America and they can’t even answer who we fought to get our Independence. What year was the Declaration approved? Every high school student should have to pass the citizen test to graduate.


  2. The way we teach politically correct American history in school, if at all, I wonder how many kids think that Independence Day is when the Earth fought off the invading aliens from outer space. With the second release of the movie this summer they might think it is fighting off the illegal aliens from the Middle East until they see the movie.

    I grew up in Woodbury, NJ just across the river from Philadelphia. Woodbury was occupied during the Revolutionary War. Every day that I drive to work in Salem County, I pass the location of two bridges that the local militia died successfully defending. To think local farmers died fighting off a 300 man professional army just proves that freedom is not free. The war was more than Washington wintering at Valley Forge or crossing the Delaware River, Americans died.

    The 4th of July is something to be celebrated as we fight the other 364 days keeping the politicians from taking our rights and taxing us to death.

    I wonder what history will call November 8th, 2016?

    Happy 4th of July.


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