2017 Social Security COLA

The press and some commentators  are reporting a 0.2% COLA in 2017. 

That is only the estimate contained in the 2016 Trustees report. 

It could be (slightly) higher or lower. It all depends on the CPI-W for July, August and September. The actual number will be determined around October 17th. 


  1. Hmmm…. If it’s true that COLA increases, as small as they are, affect prices, I can’t wait to see how the new $15 minimum wage increases enacted in some States will affect prices.

    Let the great economic experiments begin!


  2. May 2016 CPI up .22 from May 2014. If it holds through Sep 2017, what is the point $3 more per month. My food budget is up $75 per month over last year and I have cut back on many items. The last time we got a $24 COLA in Jan 2015, I went into Sam’s Club on Jan 3rd and Milk, Bread, Eggs, Coffee and Bacon all had price increases. Free Enterprise? Nothing is free and they are free to charge us anything they want. Many times I look at the price and just leave it on the shelf, that is all you can really do. Beef Steak over $10 per pound has been off the menu for over a year. They said it would be our “Golden Years” – They just failed to mention you would be living on “Copper.” LOL!


    1. But if enough people leave it on the shelf, the price will come down. Those golden years were not based on living on Social Security though.


      1. “But if enough people leave it on the shelf, the price will come down.” Not true RD, I have watched Walmart let avocados and other produce rot on the shelf instead of cut the price. I asked the produce manager why and he told me they write off the loss same as the high priced meats, that are never discounted. They keep the prices high and know some people will just pay it.
        The problem is enough people never leave it on the shelf, so prices never come down, the way you claim. .


    2. The COLA will never ever come close to what true price inflation equals. I remember every time we received a pay raise in the military, you would go to the base exchange and the price of a haircut would have an increase. You would go downtown and the price of meals would have an increase. Business knows when COLA are in the checks and adjust prices up. All you can do, is adjust your budget.


      1. Those rotten avocados aren’t marked down because they are given a new life and instead marked up. Check out the “freshly made guacamole” on your next visit to W’mart. LOL


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