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Brexit regrets😞

imageI found the following from the Washington Post quite interesting and a bit sad as well.

This vote was driven by the immigration issue, I am convinced of that. The English have unfortunately shot themselves in the foot and winged the rest of us in the process. I don’t know why I care about this at all, but I have English friends, I like going to the UK and it is upsetting how easily people can be persuaded to do things not even in their best interest. We in the US should remember this.

“It turns out that there’s some evidence that many people might not have known exactly what they were doing. Courtesy of Google, we know many Britons were searching for more information about what the E.U. is … hours after voting concluded. Meanwhile, on Twitter, a hashtag circulated, #regrexit, highlighting how some people in Britain decided they had made a mistake voting to leave.

But perhaps the best evidence that people who voted for Brexit will come to regret it — if they haven’t already — came via this report from the Center for European Reform, a think tank that favored Britain remaining in the E.U. By leaving, Britain is potentially also leaving its network of trade agreements within the region, pending negotiations. For areas that depend on exports for their economic sustenance, a less favorable trade agreements could deal a serious blow.

Polling showed the areas that had the most to lose and the least to gain from the Brexit are precisely those where the referendum saw the most support. In other words, the places — the most export-heavy regions —most hurt by the economic disruptions caused by Brexit could be the places that pushed hardest for it …”


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  1. From what I’ve read… this was not a knee jerk reaction although our media would like us to think so. Britons are fed up with the decisions coming out of Brussels, supporting Socialists countries that are belly-up, having to take-in anything with two legs and then support them too! From where I sit…it may have become survival of the fittest!!!


  2. Many people in the U.S. regret voting for BHO. He has really done nothing for the average citizen, in 7 years. It is going to be 2 years before the exit is final. So they have time to adjust. Just like I have had to adjust to BHO and his policies. I think they will do just fine, and have more local control over costs in the long run.


    • Sorry, doesn’t help. All those nationalistic nations of Europe don’t have a great track record of living together in peace. The vote to exit was heavily weighted to the older generation. People who should know better. We can’t seem to learn the lessons of history or accept we don’t and can’t live in a world of largely isolated countries. No doubt the EU has made mistake even overreached, but being part of the process is far better than being outside looking in.


      • Being part of the process??? The EU is why Europe is so screwed up today. Maybe the U.S. would be better off if we just let the United Nations in NY rule over us. I am not sure they could do a worse job than the D.C. political elite have done over the last 50 years. “SARCASM” What countries are isolated today? We have a world economy with trade agreements galore. Just because UK is not a member of the EU in 2 years, does not mean international trade will stop. It might even get better for UK citizens in the long run.


    • This article stated something that struck a cord with me about history and how 9/11 is almost forgot. I just realized that in the next year or two, kids will start graduating high school who were not even born when 9/11 happen and may only know it as something that happen before they were born. Anybody remember duck and cover drills?

      For decades the world has tried economic sanctions without very much luck. Obama took away the military option against Putin when he publicly stated that the US would not use the military to stop him. The world did the same thing when Hitler rolled into Spain in the 1930’s when Germany was not suppose to have an army.

      Look at New Jersey, we are so into home rule that we have one of the highest overall tax liabilities in the nation but we refuse to give it up. So who are we to judge Britain just because it didn’t benefit us. May be we all would like to think we have control over our lives and not being controlled by the elite in a far away city. Apparently in New Jersey we do not mind being a little poorer through excessive taxation just so we can have a little closer control of our politicians, or in South Jersey try to directly benefit from the crumbs that Norcross and Sweeney give us.


  3. I know your feelings, and I also understand your sentiments, but this is also a way of survival for them, and quite possibly in the future for us. Our present Administration is systematically sending refugees into our rural towns. Providing them with benefits, and they are uneducated, do not want to be here etc. Someday we will be forced to make a stand to close our borders and go back to the time when people had to have sponsors to enter the country.


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