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Brexit-Some good points from the New York Times

And if this Britain has shown itself vulnerable to nationalist, antiglobalization and anti-immigrant sentiments, what of the populist rebellions that have spread through other European states? Will the British precedent embolden other xenophobic movements, weakening the remaining union? And what will be the impact on the credibility of the North Atlantic alliance now that Europe’s leading military power has shown its reluctance to participate in European affairs?

For Americans, a related question is whether the success of the “leave” voters – a group eerily similar to Donald Trump’s followers, motivated by many of the same frustrations and angers – presages a Trump victory.

And what happens when Northern Ireland and Scottland, both of which voted to remain, decide being out of the EU is not a good idea, but being out of the U.K. may be?


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  1. Leave it to the parish bulletin of the Left to revert to name calling and insinuation rather than analysis. Xenophobic. Anti-immigrant. All in a day’s work for the NYT. Tying Trump around the necks of the “leave” voters is a nice touch. Categorize, demonize, demoralize. Somewhere the long gone editors of Pravda are smiling.


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