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Most people are highly susceptible to propaganda 

The AR-15 is also heavily marketed to younger gun enthusiasts who are attracted to the highly militarized, Special Operations culture that has become increasingly prevalent in action movies and shooter-style video games like “Call of Duty.”

In 2014, the Violence Policy Center, which advocates gun control, did a study of the marketing efforts by the Freedom Group, one of the world’s largest gun manufacturers. It found that many of the company’s advertisements used martial images of men in tactical gear and slogans like “Built to Be as Tough as the Job” and “Bravery on Duty.”

The study quotes an article in Shooting Sports Retailer, a gun industry trade magazine, warning salesmen to be wary of certain first-time buyers. “Many of the new shooters attracted to tactical guns for their first firearms purchase will think that they know guns because they’ve played a lot of first‐person shooter video gamees,” the article says. “Gamers inspired by ‘Call of Duty’ to purchase their first gun will eventually discover that they have a lot to learn.”  Excerpt New York Times 6-14-16


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  1. Susceptibility to propaganda is the result of a lack of critical thinking skills. Let’s bring back the logic courses in the education of our children. Oh, wait, what would happen to Wall Street if we did that?


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