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Attack Wall Street

Some politicians are obsessed with the evils of Wall Street as if our financial markets are the enemy of the average American.

imageTurns out many average Americans have a big stake in the success of the enemy. That six trillion dollars mention below is invested mostly in stocks and bonds; the life blood of Wall Street. Without the growth in value of those investments few Americans have a chance for a financially sound retirement.

And by the way, that goes for the lucky Americans who still have a traditional pension.

Profits are not bad. Profits don’t go in the pocket of CEOs. Profits drive the price of a stock up, dividends add to your 401k returns and make funding your pension affordable.

So before you jump on the anti-corporate America bandwagon, better check your 401k balance and ask yourself how you will meet your retirement goals in the years ahead without strong profits and a rising stock market. 

Defined contribution (DC) retirement plans are the centerpiece of the private-sector retirement system in the United States. More than 90 million Americans are covered by DC plan accounts, with assets now in excess of $6.5 trillion.

Source: Vanguard 2015

What’s that, you don’t have your retirement savings invested in the stock market, but they are secure with fixed income investments? Good luck with that🤑😰


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  1. Where does the Democrats think a large amount of their Super PAC’s money comes from? Mostly rich guys who ran businesses and invested heavily like Bloomberg. Face it, according to the Democrats, middle-class and below are too poor pay for themselves and government should help them.


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