Old Liz Warren on the campaign trail

Sounds good right, more buzz words and bullshit.

But, exactly what does it mean? It means nothing. Everyone is a special interest, you, me, old, young …

Does Warren mean Wall Street bankers? Yeah! Or, does she include the AARP, colleges and universities, the unions and trial lawyers, gays and the transgender masses that influence policy?

The trouble is “We the People” is we all the people, special interests or otherwise. This is just more propaganda aimed at low knowledge people.  Say something often enough and eventually it’s believed as fact.

What old Liz really means of course is that we need to stop special interests that don’t agree with her ideology (or contribute to the Democratic Party). 

What do we want Congress to do, sit in their offices and not talk to anyone?

As I have said before, it takes two to tango; the influencer and the influenced. Let’s go after the influenced. 


  1. Yes to term limits… “Politicians and diapers should be changed frequently for the same reason.” (various attributions)

    I wonder if we will see a “Pinocchio” Clinton and “Pocahontas” Warren ticket coming out of the Dem convention to challenge “The Donald” who practically nobody can stomach based on likeability polls.

    It will be interesting to see what the voter turnout for the presidential election will be. Will a lot of people just sit it out figuring “what’s the point?”


    1. I am at the “what’s the point” stage. I can’t vote for either one. My choice in November will be who I think will be less evil and do less harm. My choice is to throw away my vote or endorse one of two idiots.

      If I thought it would a message, I would vote for None of the Above, hoping that everybody else does the same thing. Can you image being president and winning the only 10% of the popular vote? Maybe that will wake up the parties.

      I can dream can’t I because American politics is becoming more and more a nightmare.


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