Possibility for Social Security 2017 COLA INCREASES … slightly 

The May CPI-W is 234.444. That’s good news for those hoping for an increase in their Social Security. 

However, the average measure for July, August and September 2016 must exceed 233.27. 👍


  1. I am not sure an increase in inflation-tied benefits is something I would want in retirement; an increase is not really a “good thing” as it only reflects increases in my cost of living and these benefits are (hopefully!) only a small fraction of my overall resources to fund my retirement. I think I would prefer level benefits and no inflation.


    1. Take it from someone retired six years even with low inflation the bills go up especially property taxes and health care costs. Not to mention cable and utilities.


  2. With gas and food prices going up almost daily, I think we might get a small COLA in 2017. It will not help much. I retired from the USAF in 1995 and worked part time until 2006. In the last 21 years my USAF pension is up 60%. Lot rent up 86%, food up 100% to 200%, or more depending on item. New cars up 150%. My standard of living has been flat most of my life and has only improved by my correct choices on how i spend or save my money; not on COLA or even limited pay raises. CHOICES in how we manage our limited resources is the best way to improve your standard of living.


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