Observations on life

Let me see if I have this right … Americans want …

πŸ€‘ Free college

πŸ€‘ $15.00 minimum wage

πŸ€‘ Paid family leave

😷 Free health care in all its forms

πŸ€‘ No poverty

πŸ€‘ Minimum guaranteed income

πŸ€‘ No inequality

πŸ€‘ Free day care

πŸ€‘ Unisex bathrooms

πŸ€‘ Higher Social Security benefits, including higher COLAs

πŸ€‘ Higher wages for all (not exactly all)

πŸ€‘ Lower taxes on “most” Americans

πŸ€‘ More regulation and taxes on Wall Street

πŸ€‘ Expanded Medicaid and SNAP benefits … and

they want it paid for by someone else … with




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  1. If you buy into the hype that college leads to higher wages when everybody has a degree, do these people who want free college realize that the Clinton & Sanders of the world will becoming after them to pay the bill for the free college? After all, they will become the 1% with jobs.

    If it wouldn’t be so painful, I would like to see this free college experiment and then in 20 years see the same people scream when they have to pay 60-70% in income taxes to maintain or prevent the national debt from rising even higher.


  2. Hmmm….

    Some want “free college” paid for by someone else, however, the “someone elses” aren’t interested in providing “free college”,

    Some want “$15 minimum wage”, ostensibly by raising prices or by lowering enterprise profits, however, consumers aren’t interested in paying more, while capital will flow to places where the margins are greater and/or the risks are less.

    Some want “paid family leave”, ostensibly by lowering other paid time off, other benefits or direct compensation by other employees, however, again, other employees are not interested in reducing their time off, benefits or pay to fund their coworkers paid leave.

    Some want “free health care in all its forms”, paid for by someone else, however, the “someone elses” aren’t interested in paying more.

    And, on, and on, and on.

    So, the Clinton’s, Sanders’ and Trumps of the world promise “free stuff”, and to leave Social Security unchanged, etc. – focused on a significant number of groups of Americans while never mentioning who will (must) pay – or euphemistically say “the rich” should pay (whether or not they define rich).

    But, the underlying issue here is the ability of government to take from some/all as a means of buying votes. it is the conditioning of younger generations to look to the government for solutions to their everyday issues, and the shortcomings in their own, individual lives. It isn’t whether the proposals are good or bad, nor whether there are adverse consequences.

    Kennedy said at his inaugural in 1961: β€œAsk not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” However, America today is more remote from that quote than even the 55 years would suggest.

    More than half of all Americans were not around for that speech, and man, it shows.


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