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“In less than an hour speaking he called for a national health insurance program, a massive housing program, increased support for education , increased support for farmers, the conservation of natural resources, a raise in the minimum wage and a “poor man’s” tax cut for each taxpayer.” 

Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton?

Why is understanding history so important? Because it helps us understand the present. The above was a critique of the State of the Union speech given by Harry Truman, January 7, 1948


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  1. OK, Mr. Quinn, for 68 years our presidents of the people have espoused the same destinies and beliefs and people of your ilk are still denying the will of the people and standing in the way. You are the one pitching Sh*t at the tide of history which has long ago passed you by.


  2. I sent you an email talking about Truman as the Bernie Danders of his day a few months ago! I don’t think it’s a surprise that that was about 6-8 years after the depression ended and we are now 6-8 years after the Great Recession. Political trends are cyclical. I wouldn’t get too worked up about the Bernie Sanders following, we had Eisenhower after Truman, Nixon after Johnson and Reagan after Carter.

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  3. Politicians continue to offer “A CHICKEN IN EVERY POT AND A CAR IN EVERY GARAGE”, Type slogans just to get votes – It did not work out well for voters in 1928 and it will not work out well for voters in 2016, no matter who is in the White House. Because it is NOT their money politicians are reckless with all spending programs. 19 trillion in national debt proves it. Where are the shovel ready projects??? Why are our roads and bridges in such poor shape??? We need leaders that will fix the government spending problem, but I have heard nothing but more spending promised from both political parties this election cycle. Time to file bankruptcy and start over???


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