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Muslim extremism has already won

No, I’m not talking about the battlefield, but rather in changing western society.

ISIS and other groups have succeeded, intentionally or otherwise, in changing the politics of much of the world. The result is a shift to the far right in many countries enabled in large part by a fear of immigration. From the Brexit to Donald Trump, the anti-immigration message and fear are driving isolationism and nationalism. In many European countries nationalists are gaining power further sending the EU toward fragmentation.

imageAll this is occurring not with proof of the evils of immigration, but by stoking fear and stirring the prejudices of lower knowledge individuals.

Society has a short memory. Where did nationalism lead us in the 20th century and before? How did America achieve its unique society, but for diverse immigration for centuries?

Society is making a second mistake with the immigrants that do enter a country, rather than being assimilated into their new society, they are isolated or enabled in their quest to retain their former culture.

In my view all this will lead to a major catastrophe in the future, just as similar cultural extremism has in the past.  Why can’t we learn from history?

What is your opinion?


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  1. I disagree. When my grandmother came across the pond in 1925 and landed at Ellis Island, with my mom, a babe of one, no one asked her about religion because, with a few examples, it had been centuries since there were great wars and persecutions over religious beliefs.

    Today, 15 years after 9/11, is anyone surprised that every immigrant is (or at least should be) challenged with regard to their decision to emigrate to America? Tell me, go back two decades, and identify any group that wanted to come to America to kill Americans, to terrorize Americans, to destroy America.

    So, no, what you see today is resistance to an attack that is ongoing. It is definitely unfortunate that we can no longer assume that people come here because they want to become Americans, to participate in the greatest experiment in representative democracy every created; nor that they all want to be here for the still great, dynamic US economy, or to enjoy freedoms we too frequently take for granted.

    I am the child of an immigrant. I have no fears of slovaks who want to come here legally – pursuant to our laws, renounce their slovak citizenship and become Americans. Same thing for Somalis … if you want to come here legally – pursuant to our laws, renounce your citizenship and become an American, works for me. And, going back more than two decades, no I was never interested in people who would come here without the goal of assimilating into America – changing America in the process of becoming an American.

    And, I’m pretty sure I am still right in the mainstream of American thought, the majority. However, I generally won’s shout down others who hold different beliefs – those who want open borders, those who want to take in refugees without proper vetting, those who would close our borders, and those who don’t appreciate the value of diversity in our population.

    We let in 1 – 2 MM immigrants each year, legally. Nothing wrong with that number, but, perhaps we need to rethink who gets priority … And, we probably need to curtail the welfare state for new immigrants, requiring full bore financial sponsorship by someone who is already an American citizen.


    • Not sure what you disagree with. We are saying the same thing; that today’s anti-immigration politics are fostered by a irrational fear of Muslins since 9-11 and more recently by ISIS. The majority view sometimes doesn’t matter if a few can change things. In the 20th century Hitler used nationalism to create a world war.


  2. My opinion is that, as always, the Teapublikkkans are wrong, destructive and ignorant. Trump’s supporters are uninformed, misinformed, ill-informed and blindly racist. Eight years of Teapublikkkan obstructionism gave them Donald Trump. Live with it and die in November.


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