Economy Remains Top Priority for Next President

PRINCETON, N.J. — Americans mention the economy more than any other concern when asked what single issue the next president should focus on when he or she takes office next January. They also frequently mention immigration, healthcare, defense and national security, and education as top priorities.

Source: Economy Remains Top Priority for Next President

Imagine that,  voters may be smarter than politicians (but what difference does it make?). Improve the economy and a lot of the politically perceived problems greatly diminish.

Notice in the list below that many individual items directly relate to the economy as well. And note also there is no mention of “inequality.” In the scheme of real life that is a political contrivance.

imageNobody expects there to be equality, nobody truly begrudges the wealth of the immensely successful. What people want is a strong economy that allows them to reach their own goals and live comfortably with a fair chance of getting ahead.

Politicians create issues, targets and scapegoats and then try to solve problems with strategies that end up hurting society. 1990s housing legislation laid the foundation for the housing bubble and its consequences, Obamacare has hurt as many people as it helped with more trouble to come. The push for a market distorting minimum wage will hurt many workers as will new OT rules.

Growing the economy, and competing on a global level will increase demand for workers which translates to higher wages and increased saving and spending which make unemployment and other programs less costly. Higher wages mean higher tax revenue, etc.  I’m no sage; this is basic stuff … so why do citizens have to tell politicians what’s most important?

Nothing is possible, not even Old Bernie’s socialist utopia, without a robust economy.

From Rasmussen Reports:

Today, 75% of all voters consider the economy Very Important to how they will vote in the upcoming presidential election. That number remains consistent across gender and age demographics, though voters over 40 place slightly more importance on the economy than those under 40.

While large majorities of voters across all political parties consider the economy a Very Important issue, Republicans say so even more than Democrats or those not affiliated with either major party.

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