Isn’t CEO pay for health insurance companies curious?

The information they are talking about below is the executive salaries of Blue Shield of California    .

“We are paying these salaries with our premiums” Isn’t it curious that we are obsessed with the pay of these CEOs, but don’t give a darn about the effect of CEO pay on the price of a smartphone, 52 inch TV or our new car (or college tuition)?

In the Blue Shield example the CEOs total compensation is equal to $0.87 per member per year. Yeah, your premiums are paying their salary. 

Still don’t believe a dollar spent on health care is very different than the same dollar spent on anything else? That’s because nobody thinks they should spend their money on health care‼️

“This is the kind of information that should have been forthcoming from Blue Shield a long time ago,” said Anthony Wright, executive director of Health Access, a consumer advocacy group. “We are paying for these salaries through our premiums.”


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  1. This would mean something if it were compared to the CEO of IBM or some other company, even a mom & pop shop. About the CEO of a bankrupt company? What does a politician earn per constituent? How about per actual donor so that he can screw his constituents? I overpay in my 401K fees. Does this $.87 mean that I am underpaying for my insurance?.


    • No, it just means that the reason health insurance premiums rise is because of people spending money on health care, not CEO pay, and not profit. Most people don’t understand that or simply don’t want to believe it.


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