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If Donald Trump is a demagogue …Β 

so is Bernie Sanders. 

While Old BS may sound warm and cuddly compared to The Donald’s crassness, they both take the same approach appealing to limited knowledge people with the promise of solving their problems while appealing to the prejudices (immigrants, wealthy, inequality, unfairness, global economy) upon which they rely for comfort from their own shortcomings . 

And in both cases they offer unworkable, unaffordable and short-sighted “solutions.”

demagogue: 1. demagog, rabble-rouser β€” a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular passions and prejudices


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  1. I feel that if Trump were to be elected president…he would ruin this country…why would we want someone to lead our country ..who insults everyone…is racist…arrogant ..and i believe he really doesnt know what the “people” want..and need…he is a businessman..and to him..becoming president would only be another transaction…i pray people start to realize that.he is not what we need…and choose the right one..


    • Linda, You think Hillary Rotten Clinton will not ruin the country? When she was on the board of Walmart Corp she voted to keep wages low. She is bought and paid for by Wall Street Bankers.


  2. Rhetorically, that is true. Sanders has spent decades trying to actually make his “unworkable” solutions part of government, so if he wasn’t in a position (being a non-party member until recently) to be the primary sponsor of bills, he would be the author of amendments to bills that became law.

    Trump doesn’t understand the separation of powers in the Constitution, and appears unfamiliar with the constraints all presidents must work within. Trump’s the sole authority, and everyone else is a subservient employee, where by comparison Sanders cooperates, making whatever temporary partnerships he can live with to move things closer to his goals.

    But on the sole issue of the style of their campaign speeches, I agree, they are alike. Sergeants and zebras are alike too. Both have stripes.


  3. demagogue: 1. demagog, rabble-rouser β€” a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular passions and prejudices

    Give me a break! All modern politicians are demagogues.


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