Socialism by any other name

Does any of this strategy sound familiar?  Substitute  Congress for Parliament and you have much of what is happening in America today; a stealth, patient but steady shift to socialism with more and more of the population believing the rhetoric about inequality and more importantly how to adjust it. And with more people seeking a better life not through hard work and initiative, but through wealth transfer to them. Look at what is happening on American campuses and look at the young Sanders supporters; the product of our colleges. 

What this article is talking about is Fabianism, the non-violent movement to eliminate capitalism. Look up Fabians and see if that’s the kind of America you want. 

Make no mistake they wanted world revolution also, but, unlike their comrades who believed in attaining power quickly by violence, they worked through patient changes in law, government, morality, economics, culture and education. They worked to spread Socialism through newspapers, Parliament, school boards and by backing candidates of either party in elections — penetration and infiltration. For example with newspapers, Shaw said their “policy has been to try to induce some of these regular papers to give a column or two to Socialism, calling it by whatever name they please.” Their chief tool, however, was through the indoctrination of young scholars — intellectuals referred to as “parlor Bolsheviki.”

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