Observations on life

Memorial Day

Omaha Beach

Never forget 

American Cemetary, Normandy, France


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  1. Brief and to the point. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to the many thousands who gave their all for our freedom.


  2. When I was in Hawaii and Italy, I saw several World War II cemeteries. My grandfather is buried in Gettysburg National Cemetery Annex and I have seen many other Civil War cemeteries. I have been to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. I have been to the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC and it had an impact on me but not like the impact of seeing acres upon acres with hundreds and hundreds of white crosses has had on me.

    After World War II, America has had the good fortune to be able to return most of the servicemen bodies back to the families for burial which is great for the families and I would not deny them this last act of respect. However, I think we are also doing Americans a disservice. There are no more national cemeteries that are dedicated to a singular war because we are able to return the bodies.

    When you visit one of these national cemeteries and see row after row of white headstones you realize what the actual cost of Freedom is. I think every school student as part of a civics class should visit a national cemetery. Those of us who have served know where to find the heroes. Those whose have not served should visit these cemeteries and understand the true costs of freedom before mouthing off at their BBQs. Freedom has a price.


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