Observations on life

Opportunity? You betcha … oops, requires effort and hard work

I met a young lady today who revived my faith in people, even young people. 

Our waitress this evening had a slight Eastern European accent so I asked her where she was from. She was from Bulgaria. She was friendly, sincerely helpful and with an amazing attitude. She was likely the best server I have ever encountered, but she was a lot more. 

We got to talking and what I learned about her was amazing. 

At age nine in Bulgaria her mother sent her for lessons to learn English. Later when she was older she went to Germany for more education and better English skills. She also learned accounting. She came to the U.S. ten years ago; got a green card and just recently became a citizen. She is an accountant by day working for a firm that specializes in restaurant accounting and at night she is a server both to earn extra money and to see the restaurant business from a different perspective. I was very impressed. 

Different society, different country, different language … and a success by taking advantage of every opportunity. 

At least I know there is one U.S. citizen who doesn’t spend her time whining and complaining, trying to find someone else to blame and looking for more free stuff. 

Thank you Nadia. 


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  1. And to think that the University of California will not allow statements like “hard work”. I do believe that this woman will understand the restaurant business and be able to give great incite to her accounting clients from waitresses collecting tips to balancing the books. Good for her.


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