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Let’s think where we are in the 21st century

In 21st century America:

men can “marry” men and women can “marry” women and if you disagree with that, you are a bigot or homophobe and your business should be boycotted;

we force health plans to provide “free” contraception (but not free life saving drugs) under the guise of women’s health and if you disagree you are waging a war on women;

an entire ideology supports abortion on demand as important to women’s health while the vast majority of abortions are unrelated to anyones health but are for economic reasons or personal choice as casual birth control;

a fraction of one percent of the population can cause our government to require business and public schools to open bathrooms and locker rooms to the opposite sex based only on how one identifies themselves. Accommodating a significant minority’s feelings of discomfort is insufficient; rather we ignore the equally valid discomfort of the majority. In NYC they have a regulation with large fines for employers and landlords who do not use the correct pronoun for transgender people.

raising a family and bonding with ones child requires twelve weeks of extra paid time off at the expense of employers and other workers … and then we put the child in daycare;

ignoring the facts of who minimum wage workers are, we push for a $15.00 an hour rate  under the guise it will help the middle class and provide a living wage to unskilled workers, but ignore the broad negative consequences of this equation, especially on minimum wage workers;

we ignore laws at will and rather than fix what may be broken, we look for ways to circumvent them. If the Social Security COLA is inaccurate, rather than fix it and pay for it, we seek to provide additional benefits in other ways. If the immigration laws are inadequate for today, don’t change them, circumvent or ignore them;

we mingle legal and illegal immigration as if they are one. We attack anyone who questions the handling of illegal immigrants as simply anti-immigrant which is not the case;

we have systematically undermined our police with political rhetoric and political support of misguided protests while wondering why crime, especially murder skyrockets in urban areas;

“free” college is a must, but we ignore why an education costs what it does, we don’t question the cost or the value received based on the actions of both institutions and students

under the banner of progress and the mask of compassion, we take pride in an ever-growing number of Americans on welfare programs such as SNAP, Disability SS and Medicaid where they not only become dependent but incentivized to remain dependent;

“Con­tin­ued de­pen­dence upon re­lief, in­duces a spir­i­tual and moral dis­in­te­gration fundamentally de­struc­tive to the national fiber. To dole out re­lief in this way is to ad­min­is­ter a nar­cotic, a sub­tle de­stroyer of the hu­man spirit.” -Frank­lin D. Roosevelt 1935

we are obsessed with “inequality,” but not with creating the most beneficial economic conditions possible for growth. Instead we vilify the wealthy, Wall Street, CEOs, and American business; the very groups we need for economic growth. We see higher taxes routed through an ever bigger government as somehow being fair and sustaining growing incomes for the majority of Americans; they can’t;

as individuals we are obsessed with stuff, lots of stuff we don’t need. But we can’t afford to save, to pay for a doctor’s office visit, birth control or plan for retirement. We live our lives for today with little thought of the future; end up struggling in retirement and look around for someone to blame because we didn’t get a COLA.

img_1813In 21st century America we have become expert at looking for the easy way out, at envy, at ignoring personal responsibility and at finding scapegoats to blame for everything from taking a mortgage we could never afford, to dropping out of school, becoming an unmarried parent, being a spendthrift or simply making poor life choices.

We have bureaucrats who take the one-dimensional, short-term view of problem solving while ignoring the consequences and frequently human nature.

What would our ancestors say about the wimps we have become in America always finding an excuse and seeking someone else or some entity to blame and to pay for our mistakes and choices? It is embarrassing to compare what Americans in the past accomplished and the conditions in which they did it with the “I’m entitled” American of today.

We are, in fact, destroying the human spirit as Roosevelt feared and replacing it with the collective power of government. Gradually we are turning over “We the people …” to an entity most feared when those words were written.



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  1. Compare the 20th century and the 21st century in America and you see that the “Fabian” (no not the teenage heartthrob of the 60’s) socialist playbook seems to be the winning tactic. Slowly boil the frog in the pot.

    Though the Fabians‘ believe in the same radical goals as the Socialists and Communists, there is a difference in methods. Make no mistake they want world revolution but, unlike their comrades who believed in attaining power quickly by violence, they patiently work through changes in law, government, morality, economics, culture and education. They spread Socialism through newspapers, Parliament, school boards and by backing candidates of either party in elections, penetration and infiltration. Their chief tool, however, is through the indoctrination of young scholars, intellectuals referred to as “Parlor Bolsheviks.”


    • You are so right. Is it already too late. My concern is that the opposition in the form of the extreme right frequently sounds way out radical as opposed to reasoned conservative or even center right moderates.


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