The ultimate health care coverage. Have I got a deal for you🤑

If I offered you a health plan that covered all your health care needs from office visits to hospitalization and all related procedures and tests and physician services (excluding dental, routine vision and long-term care) with no deductibles or co-pays and I told you it would cost you $8.00 for every $100 you earn, would you take the deal?

Yes or no?


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  1. I voted as having questions, because, I would object to an 8% across the board, all income included system – earnings from all sources, including capital gains, proprietor profits, interest earnings, investment earnings, capital gains from sale on personal residence, etc. What’s the fee for a child in school? What’s the fee for a non-working spouse? What’s the fee for an unemployed individual?

    But, I suspect you are asking about something else. So, now that I don’t have any wages because I am currently unemployed, I would pay $0. If I am retired, I would pay $0 because I have no wage “earnings”? If what you have in mind is say 8% of what has been known as FICA wages, I would be a no, because it gets the incentives all wrong and will ultimately result on dumping on future generations.


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