Old Bernies drumbeat is getting tiring, if not annoying

So what?  

What does equality look like? What does old BS suggest that we tell the next Walton, Jobs, Gates, Musk, Page, Brin, or Zuckerberg?

“Hey,  before you start that new industry and perhaps change the world and in the process help untold millions of people, we want you to know that your wealth will be limited to 25 times the average wealth in America (or the world). And by the way, don’t think you can pass the fruits of your labor to your children because we are going to confiscate 90% of it when you die.”

Is that how we want America to work? Really?

Guess what, there is no such thing as equality. We are unequal in our intelligence, our drive, motivation, mental stability, talents, skills, physical appearance and much more. To borrow a phrase, the only things we have a right to expect to be equal are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

As far as I can determine the Walmarts (or Soros’s or Spielbergs or even Oprah) have not prevented me from doing anything or achieving a better life. And haven’t we adequately demonstrated for decades that pouring money at social problems is not the solution to changing people?


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  1. Aw, quit your bellyaching. Just think, if we elect Bernie, we can have Venezuela here in America by the end of his first term.
    Then, when you want to impeach him, he’ll use his pen and phone and change the constitution – just like in Venezuela – declare martial law and shut it all down.

    Things are going great in Venezuela. Its’ democratic socialist economy is in free fall – contracting by 5.7% last year and is expected to shrink significantly further this year – estimates are 8+%. Inflation is at 180%, according to official figures (which are all lies, it is much, much higher, some estimates have it at 700+% per year). The bolivar, Venezuela’s currency, is worth less than a penny on the black-market exchange.

    There are shortages of medicines and basic food items. There is rampant violent crime. Reports of looting of staples like kitchen rolls, salt and shampoo — even chicken and underwear — throughout the country amid empty shops and soaring black market prices are a keen indicator of how desperate some have become. They have brown outs every day, several times a day – even though most of the country’s electricity comes from hydroelectric power. They have so screwed up the system that it fails multiple times a day and the water level at the dam that provides 75% of Venezuela’s electricity is at a record low. Federal employees now work only 2 days a week, because there is no money to pay them.

    On Friday, President Maduro declared a state of emergency to “denounce, neutralise and overcome the external and foreign aggressions against our country”, he blames America for Venezuela’s economic problems – even though America is Venezuela’s only source of hard currency. That occurs because only American refineries are in a position to refine the heavy, high sulphur “sour” Venezuelan crude oil. Maduro is also planning military exercises next weekend to prepare for “any scenario,” including a foreign invasion. Maduro threatened Saturday to seize idle Venezuela factories and jail their owners following a decree granting him expanded powers to deal with the country’s acute economic crisis.

    So, I say, vote for Bernie!!! Vote for Bernie!!! Vote for Bernie!!! Perhaps if he wins the nomination, he can select Pocahontas, er, Elizabeth Warren as his VP candidate. And when it all fails, when the economy tanks, you can blame the millionaires and billionaires… or at least the Republicans, just like Chavez, Maduro, and President Obama.

    Have a nice day!!!!!


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