The really naive perspective of the left

Here is what OFA has to say praising the Obama Administration.

It’s sad really. The fact is that Mr Obama has the worst economic record in history. No other president had eight years of economic growth under 3%. And economic growth is what will help the middle class the most. Deficits going down are not helping the ever-growing federal debt which has gone from $10.6 trillion to $19.1 trillion in the last seven years and four months.

Consumer confidence is in the toilet.

Obama wasted the momentum and control he had in 2009 in 2010 and instead of the economy he focused on Obamacare. Even after Republicans took control of Congress the President could not effect leadership and instead bemoaned the opposition’s obstructionism. Is he the first president to face a hostile congress?  No, but he might be the first president not able to negotiate and compromise and get stuff done.

Higher high school graduation rates? I’m not sure what the President has to do with that, but the real issue is the ability of schools to prepare students for life and for college and based on the statistics they are not doing a very good job. All too many students headed for college are woefully unprepared.

Yes millions of Americans now have health insurance, but health care has not been made more affordable in any sense; in fact, less so for many perhaps most Americans. But more important the President launched a massive increase in regulation and administrative costs, created a massive new federal liability with no long-term strategy to do anything but watch that liability grown.

If changing the definition of marriage is a major accomplishment of the federal government, I guess we must also include the top priority of making birth control “free.”  Better we should have focused on strengthening the American family and lowering the number of single mother births which directly lead to ingrained poverty. 35.8% of women age 15 to 50 who had a birth in the past 12 months who were unmarried. Source: U.S. Census Bureau.

Where on this list is lowering the number of Americans receiving Social Security disability, SNAP, EITC and welfare; not because they were kicked off or benefits were cut, but because those Americans no longer needed the benefits? That would have been progress, that would have been a growing economy. How in any sense of logic is progress increasing the number of citizens dependent on government welfare paid for by an ever declining base of tax paying citizens?

After nearly eight years nothing has been done, nothing, to fix Social Security. No solid plan was put forth and then supported and worked for. Medicare also continues on a disastrous fiscal path. Where is a comprehensive tax reform proposal being fought for and discussed with the American people? Instead we hear about tax loopholes, the 1% and fair share.

This Administration settles for playing the blame game. What other president has been so inept even in the face of adverse political and national conditions; Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton?  You may not agree with all they did, but these Democratic presidents overcame immense obstacles and got things done.

Our troops are home? Is that the measure of success in the fight against terrorism? Bringing troops home should never have been the goal, success in the fight was the goal, but not to this President. Sadly, one side can’t simply walk away and then declare goals were achieved, except perhaps when the goal is not victory.

Unemployment cut in half? Sure in eight years. Is the slowest economic recovery in memory something to be proud of?  Unemployment isn’t even at the level it was in 2006. But wait, that’s not the real story. The labor force participation rate has been hovering near a 35 year low for the last several years. I guess if you ignore certain numbers other numbers look better. 🙄

This President, this Administration has a record of mediocrity and nothing more. The economic recovery such has it has been is despite government action, not because of it. The United States has been in a holding pattern for eight years and on a downward glide on the international scene. I’m not sure we have that much to smile about Mr President.

Is this really what progress looks like? Really?


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  1. I truly believe that if “The Donald” becomes President, one of his agenda priorities will be to investigate any an all aspects of BO’s lies, i.e. birth place, his missing diploma’s/records from Columbia and Harvard, his association with that Billionaire, etc. etc. The Donald is obsessed with proving many lies of BO. Time will tell.


  2. And yesterday they reported that he has a 52% approval rating which is higher than any other modern day president including Ronald Reagan. What a disgrace. The guy is a dud and history will prove it.


    • I am sorry History will not prove it, there has been one cover up after another during BHO BOZO’s term. The left will make sure none of it ever makes it into any history books that the public schools (propaganda machine) use. BHO BOZO will go down as one of the best Presidents ever. First Lady – Michelle Obama’s words will be printed in every history book, after all she was there and saw it go down. LOL.


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