Marketplace plans are losing lots of money

Here are the facts, the majority of plans offered through Obamacare are losing money. In other words, they have no profit margin. This is even after receiving risk sharing and reinsurance payments under the Law. 

One observer, not  very bright I might add, attributed this to the carriers setting premiums too low in 2014. Of course, the premiums were too low, but do you recall all the flap and criticism over the premiums we were told were too high and not justified? 

Not only do the healthy not want to pay any premiums, the less healthy don’t want to pay or soon won’t be able to pay what it actually costs to insure them. 

The focus on premiums as the cost of health care was one of the biggest mistakes under Obamacare. What realization many are experiencing is that premiums reflect the cost of health care and not simply huge profits for insurance companies. Also, Americans now realize that the cost of health insurance is not simply premiums, but their total out-of-pocket costs. 

HERE is a full report on insurance company loses if you are interested. 


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