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There is a new poll on Quinnscommentary. The question was sparked by a lively debate I was having on Twitter. Now it’s your turn to speak out on the important question. 

Should any third-party question health care decisions by doctor and patient?

Please cast your vote. 


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  1. If the patient seeks a third party opinion then the patient has the responsibility to accept the opinion or revert back to the initial opinion. Under NO circumstance shall a third party override the medical opinion of a certified physician and the choice of the patient. The third party individual and the Insurer that hired the third party person would be liable for any adverse consequence of their decision.


    • It sounds like you are saying give both patient and Doctor a blank check to do anything suggested. Is that really what you mean?


  2. Many people think having a third party question healthcare services saves money. But insurance companies already have ways to save money, higher co-pays, and limits on what they will pay per service and higher premiums. Wait until it is the government making your healthcare decisions, then the fun will really start.


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