Bernie Sanders 2016: Why Liberals Should Beware Sanders’ Socialism – POLITICO Magazine

I have called Sanders and indeed progressives naive because their ideas are lacking any consideration of the consequences. That is troublesome because those ideas sound very appealing; the ultimate something for nothing. Here is an excellent example.

Sanders’ single-payer health plan shows the same indifference to real-world consequences. The plan calls for eliminating all patient cost sharing and promises to cover the full range of services, including long-term care. With health care running at 17.5 percent of gross domestic product, Sanders’ plan would sweep a huge share of economic activity into the federal government and invite that share to grow. Another way of looking at single payer is that it would make Washington the sole checkpoint, removing the incentive for anyone else—patients, providers, employers or state governments—even to monitor, much less hold back, excessive costs. It would leave no alternative except federal management of the health sector.

Source: Bernie Sanders 2016: Why Liberals Should Beware Sanders’ Socialism – POLITICO Magazine

Can you say rationing?

Can you say future Congresses determining the nature of your health care and the taxes to pay for it? 


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  1. After the VA hospital SNAFU, why would anyone support single payer. If single payer is so good, why are people from Canada coming to the U.S. for medical treatment????
    .In 2014, 52,513 Canadians travelled beyond their borders to seek medical treatment, compared with 41,838 in 2013. The numbers suggest that the Canadian health care system could not comply with the needs and demands of a substantial number of Canadian patients, according to the study.
    Where U.S. citizens travel for medical care once single payer medical care is the norm???? We already see less choice with the PPACA. I can;t wait, NOT!


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