What happened to the death panel?

The Affordable Care Act created the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) frequently erroneously and unfairly labeled the death panel. The purpose was to make recommendations to Congress to control out-of-control health care costs, primarily Medicare.

So who is on the Board, what is it doing?

imageNOTHING‼️ There is no board, no members have been appointed despite the requirements of the law. The simple excuse is that it’s not needed because Medicare costs are not growing significantly … for now. That’s pretty short-sighted and typical political avoidance in my view … not to mention ignoring a law.

But look at the requirements for the IPAB contained in the last paragraph below. By July 2014 there was supposed to be an annual report on health care spending and quality on a national basis for both Medicare and private insurers. 

Ain’t politics grand, just pick and choose what you want and what you want to ignore depending on the direction of the political wind. I guess the bureaucrats know best🤔

Just imagine the politics involved with Old Bernie’s “Medicare for all” Do you seriously believe the federal government can run the health care system efficiently, less costly or without significant changes that you probably won’t like? Seriously?

Here is (was) the stated purpose of the IPAB:

Source: the AMA

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