Don’t shoot the messenger Bernie, this came from the White House

Five point three percent? I could live with that, but Bernie doesn’t that sound more than fair?

Don’t ask me, I have no idea where the White House gets these numbers, but presumably they are net of middle-class tax deductions, rebates, credits and such (loopholes?) and don’t forget the tax-free and tax-deferred stuff most working Americans get from their employer.

imageWhile Bernie and his minions chant about a rigged system, unfairness, ones fair share and billionaires, the middle-class tax burden declines while the real tax loopholes (if there is such a thing) go to the masses.

This chart, which I got from a POTUS Twitter post, makes another subtle point. Listen to the “experts” and you will hear the story that tax breaks like the home mortgage interest deduction are unfair because they disproportionately benefit higher income Americans.

Guess what, when the  majority of people are paying 5.3% or less in taxes and fewer and fewer people are paying more, every provision of the tax code will benefit the Americans actually paying taxes … that is, until they hit the alternate minimum tax and those provisions start going away.

imageSo, on one hand we have our President touting how little average people paying in taxes and on the other we have a socialist running for president yelling about the higher income people who are actually paying the vast majority of taxes not paying enough and proposing trillions more in taxes convincing people those taxes will only be paid by someone else…

and we have half of all Americans supporting one or both these guys. I need help with this onešŸ¤”

And yet … 

With this year’s Tax Day coming on Monday, Americans remain more convinced than ever that the middle class is shouldering more of the tax burden than the wealthy.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 71% of American Adults still believe middle-class Americans currently pay a larger share of their income in taxes than wealthy people do. Just 21% think wealthy Americans pay a larger share of their income in taxes.

Now do you think political rhetoric and propaganda are not effective on uninformed people?


  1. Income tax rates do not tell the whole story and averages tell even less. Sure I paid no Federal Income Tax on my $19,644 USAF pension. but my sister who paid 13% on her middle class income, including a $900 Obamacare penalty, is quite a bit above the 5.3%. So, I could say the two of us paid a 6.5% tax rate. But, I think my sister would not agree. Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics. The richer taxpayer will almost always pay a higher tax rate. Or have a higher tax payment. I do not see that changing any time soon. If the politicians would stop wasting tax dollars, I would be ok with going back to the Clinton tax rates of the 1990’s. We had a better economy and lower deficit spending.
    Notice how the 5.3% and 10.9% are not to scale, makes it look like we were really getting the shaft back in the Carter years.


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