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Manipulating human beings

As somewhat of a student of history I often wonder how one individual can so influence whole societies and sometimes take them down a very dark path. How can so may people be made to believe what someone else wants them to believe and do?

Nazi Germany is a prime example; an entire nation convinced of its superiority, victimization and justification to target scapegoats. A nation of people who willingly fell to the propagandists because they were told what they wanted to hear, what they wanted to believe and what made them feel vindicated and less responsible as individuals and as a society.


Sad to say, I think about all this every time I see the unthinking crowds cheering and jumping around at a Sanders or Trump event. 

They are being told what they want to hear, what they want to believe is true, what will get them off the hook for anything … and the facts be damned.

And like the Germans in the 1930s, they ignore or are unaware of history.


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  1. Fervent prayers that you are correct and great fears that you are wrong! Twenty bucks says you are wrong and my fear for America far exceeds the twenty bucks.


  2. Yes, Mr. Quinn – Trump and Sanders are inflating voters’ hopes with promises that they most probably cannot deliver, but Cruz is flat out lying to the voters. Why don’t you ever rant about that?


      • Cruz is far from irrelevant. Cruz is a domestic political terrorist and a pathological liar. He is well funded by big oil and big coal to refute climate change and continue planet contamination and eventual destruction to award corporate greed. Cruz is a dominionist who believes he has been anointed by God to rise to a high level of worldly power. Cruz is highly intelligent and highly educated and has built a formidable ground game in this primary. Cruz has honed a debate style to ignore any direct questions and regress to the talking points that he wants to publically state. Cruz is the most dangerous candidate to our nation and this world that I have ever seen. Cruz recognizes that potential voters are uninformed and ignorant and he preys upon those weaknesses to secure convention delegates. Cruz has engineered a campaign that is both threatening and bribing delegates that will result in his nomination on the second ballot in Cleveland. Cruz’s promises to carpet bomb Muslim civilians and to “patrol Muslim neighborhoods” will most assuredly bring Brussels like terror to the United States. Cruz IS NOT a “natural born citizen” as specified in our Constitution. When our founders wrote “natural born citizen” they meant born in our country. What else could they have been saying and meaning all those years ago? You ignore Cruz and dismiss him as irrelevant at the complete peril of world civilization. You should know better than that and I think that you do.


      • With all due respects, that is merely a statement and not an explanation, a logical argument or a rationale? Are you merely hopeful or factually convinced?


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