Observations on life

How times have changed. I think I’m entitled

My wife and I were married in December 1968. I was in the army at the time in Alabama, my wife lived in a small apartment 1500 miles away. She had moved to her apartment before we were engaged and drove fifty minutes one way to work so she could live where she felt safe. I got out of the army in August 1969.

Our first child was born in July 1970 and we still lived in that one bedroom apartment. My wife received eight weeks disability partial pay under state law and then she permanently stopped working. I took a week of my vacation to help her when she came home from the hospital.

We had when we were married and forever set our spending and standard of living based on one income.

In 1971 we bought our first house, one we could afford. It was built in 1918 and cost us $29,000. We had to put 20% down and the mortgage interest rate was 9-1/2%.

Our second child was born in 1972, the next in 1974 and the next in 1975. Each time I took a week of vacation and then my wife was on her own juggling two, three and four children under age five. Imagine what work that took on her part.

Our family income in 1970 adjusted to 2015 dollars was $55,588, considerably below the current family household income of $68,426 and married couple household income of $81,025.

College loans? Didn’t have any because I started nine years of night school in August 1969 and was helped by veterans benefits and then I paid when they ran out after a few years.

imageI feel cheated, I must be entitled to something, some subsidy, tax credit, forgiveness, anything? Can you help me out with some free stuff Bernie?

How did we ever survive (and thrive)?


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  1. We followed similar paths and we can be proud of our accomplishments. I am most proud of neither of my boys or grandkids ever needed welfare. We, like most parents of our Era, were fortunate to be able to help them from time to time.

    Make a positive difference in someone’s life today. Sent via my cell phone – Bill Mitchell


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