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Women In Education: A Retirement Bright Spot

Source: Women In Education: A Retirement Bright Spot


There is a story here. Look at Educational Services and Public Administration and note the income from defined benefit pensions and the total income. Only the areas where minimum wage workers tend to be concentrated come close to the security index. And, these data are for women only where income tends to be lower than older men. 

As I have pointed out many times in various posts, public sector jobs pay very well in terms of total compensation and are competitive for cash compensation alone. Only in education does Social Security provide a minority portion of total income, the highest level of income among women by the way. 

Note: The Elder Economic Security Standard™ Index (Elder Index), developed by WOW and the Gerontology Institute at the University of Massachusetts Boston, is a measure of the income that older adults need to meet their basic needs and age in place with dignity. The Elder Index is specific to household size, location, housing status and health status. It includes the cost of:

Health Care
Miscellaneous Essentials


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