Economic consequences

The goal is to protect the consumer, to help the average American. The assumption is that Americans are incapable of good judgement, common sense and are incredibly gullible;  a few horror stories support that theory … and we are off and running with the government agenda.

Wages are flat, productivity is not growing, the economy limps along, interest rates and inflation are low mostly because of the preceding items, businesses of all sizes are uncertain and hesitant to invest while hampered by non-competitive taxes and endless regulation and added expenses.

imageWhat is the response by government and politicians? It is a barrage of scapegoating, more regulations and failure to address tax reform.

imageThe approach we have seen for the last seven years and are promised for the future is to collect more golden eggs while starving the Golden Goose. Many Americans are convinced there is an abundance and endless supply of golden eggs regardless of the Goose’s health.

Politicians and this Administration are directly responsible for that.

All of the good things we want for each and every American are possible with a robust, growing economy. Why are we working against that?


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