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Joe Fossett

Times are tough? Well times for many people were a lot tougher long ago. 

In 1806, 27 year old Joe Fossett, a blacksmith slave of Thomas Jefferson ran away. He did so to find his wife who had been sold years before by Jefferson. He found her, but was caught and returned to Monticello. 

In 1826 upon Jefferson’s death Joe Fossett was freed and Jefferson also left him all his blacksmith tools and the right to remain in Virginia as a free man. 

Mr Fossett then spent the next ten years working in his own shop and saving and eventually was able to buy his wife’s freedom and that of several of his children and then moved to Ohio. 

This man’s commitment to family, incredible endurance and sacrifice plus determination and perseverance serve as an example to all those who whine and complain about how tough it is in 21st century America. 

Some Americans should spend more time working for their goals instead of building envy of others. 


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  1. I agree, it seems more people today like to point fingers and blame others for their life problems. It is time they start acting like adults and be accountable for themselves. Too many parents today are not doing their jobs, but trying to be friends to their kids.


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