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More Than 40% of Student Borrowers Aren’t Making Payments- Wall Street Journal April 7, 2016

Kristo­pher Mathews, 38 years old, is in de­fer­ment on about $11,900 in federal student loans. Dur­ing the re­ces­sion he earned a cer­tificate at a Mi­chigan-based for-profit college that teaches media arts, but he wasn’t able to find the well-pay­ing job in ra­dio that he hoped for.

Mr. Math­ews now works as a lo­gis­ti­cal an­a­lyst for an auto com­pany, mak­ing $46,000 a year. He says he de­votes his in­come to car­ing for his fam­ily—he and his fi­ancée have three chil­dren—and pay­ing off two credit cards and a car loan. “With all the other ne­ces­si­ties in life I just don’t have” funds to pay stu­dent debt, he said.

Once his de­fer­ment ex­pires, he isn’t sure if he will feel obliged to pay down his loan. “They promised me everything,” he said of his for-profit col­lege. “And I honestly have noth­ing to show for it ex­cept a piece of pa­per that doesn’t really do me any good.”



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  1. His story is exactly why I say make him pay. I didn’t get a useless degree. It is only $12K and I bet it is less then the cost of his car. WHY SHOULD I FOOT HIS LOAN BILL.


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