Facts about Obamacare

If you have a burning desire to talk about Obamacare, here are some facts you can use. 

* 12.7 million people are now enrolled in an exchange plan (9.6 million in the 38 states where the exchanges are run by the federal government,via, and 3.1 million in the 12 states that run their own exchanges).

* 4.9 million people are new enrollees and 7.8 million who had exchange coverage in 2015 re-enrolled (numbers include individual enrollees and, in family plans, their dependents).

* 3.5 million enrollees are 18 to 34 years old, 28% of total enrollment, about the same proportion as in 2015.

* 10.5 million of the 12.7 million enrollees (83%) qualified for a subsidy (tax credit) to help them buy coverage.

* For enrollees in the 38 states the federal government runs, the average subsidy was $290 per person per month.

* For individuals buying coverage just for themselves via the average monthly premium, after the subsidy, was $106.

* About 4 million of the 7.8 million people who reenrolled switched to a different plan than they had in 2015—a positive sign that people got the message to shop for better deals. Their average savings, if they stayed at the same “metal level” of coverage: $40 per month.

* Overall, to date, 20 million previously uninsured people have gained coverage under the ACA—17.7 million through the exchanges and Medicaid expansion in 32 states plus the District of Columbia, and 2.3 million young adults aged 19 to 25 who were able to stay on their parent’s policy until age 26.

* That 20 million gain in coverage translates into a 43% decline, from 2013 to early 2016, in the uninsured rate among people under age 65. In turn, that brings the uninsured rate among non-elderly people down to around 11% from 20% in 2012-13.

* As of September 2015, the overall uninsured rate in the nation was around 9%, inclusive of seniors, almost all of whom are covered by Medicare.

* Unfortunately, that 9% still represents around 30 million people.

Source: The Health Care Blog based on CMS data. 


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  1. Great. At best, a pyrrhic victory. But tell me, just who are the victors here? What battle or war was won? At what cost?

    We know the price that was paid – trillions of dollars, so far, and tens of trillions of dollars committed for the indefinite future. Costs born by whom? It is not a victory if you decide that costs don’t matter. Finally, you give me, or any of those reading your blog enough money, and all can probably get the other 9% covered as well.

    But, most importantly, it is a pyrrhic victory because our leaders have decided that America should shoulder a new cost, a new “entitlement state” and installed an “entitlement mindset”. Remember the discussion, now years ago, that this was the first time the government decided it could mandate we purchase a specific good or service – subject to civil and potentially criminal penalties for failure to act? So, now we have instilled in many an American a belief that our federal government has a right to conscript others to provide/fund specific goods and services. What’s next? According to the D’s, it is “free college education”, etc. Next, maybe housing, a car, a phone, food, …


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