Either obesity is bad or it’s not 

I recall several years ago that skinny fashion models were the in thing. Young girls to their detriment wanted to be skinny; like Twiggy in some cases. Not being able to achieve such emaciation they suffered needlessly from low self-esteem and in some cases became ill; not good at all.

imageToday political correctness has taken another turn for the worse. Being overweight or even grossly  obese is ok as long as you are comfortable in your body, like the way you look or whatever other pseudo rationale you can dream up. Certainly I’m not saying we should criticize or bully overweight Americans, but neither should we send the message that obesity is okay as long as you are happy. That is the illusion being created on TV and in movies.

This morning on the Today show they interviewed (and supported) a high school girl who was receiving internet accolades for writing a paper against her classification as obese. It seems as part of a health class students were asked to calculate their BMI which indicated her weight status. It’s not accurate, it doesn’t mean anything, I’m healthy and the old standby muscle weighs more than fat was her response.

imageAll that may be true and no doubt there is more than the BMI to a healthy weight, but either being overweight, even modestly, is detrimental to our health or it is not. This girl stated she could lose a few pounds, but said she was healthy so the BMI didn’t matter.

Looking at this girl it was clear she was 30-40 pounds overweight. While she may be healthy at seventeen or eighteen, being comfortable with her weight and belittling efforts to educate people may not be so benign for her ten, fifteen or twenty-years for now.

Once again PC trumps common sense.

All you medical types out there, am I wrong? Is being overweight by even twenty pounds or so unhealthy or is it not?


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  1. As a health care professional who works daily with the side effects of obesity, I must agree. Being overweight even by 20 pounds (which classifies one as obese) is unhealthy. While being normal weight doesn’t guarantee you from diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure, it may help you avoid those and other chronic conditions.


  2. We have normalized being overweight because the majority of Americans are overweight and don’t want to admit it is a health problem. Talk to anyone in health care and hear about the investment in over size wheel chairs, stretchers and people lifters that are required today to move people. Every time I hear the term “curvy” to describe an overweight woman I want to puke.


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