Observations on life

Where is America headed?

We obsess over inequality, we dummy down individual responsibility for just about anything; we don’t want to test the skills of our children or hold our teachers responsible to any measurement; we deal with losing by making everyone a “winner.” 

We don’t strive to truly minimize poverty, but rather to make Americans more comfortable in it.

We don’t push initiative instead we push for more dependence.

We don’t fix so-called failing schools, we move our children elsewhere.

We don’t reward hard work and achievement, we criticize it and the results it creates and we set up government mechanisms that penalize those who want to do better for themselves.

imageWe make having children within a marriage passé and then moan about the level of childhood poverty and our response is “free” birth control.

We ban dodge ball along with learning the state capitals and civics; our children can’t read or write cursive and they think bullying is name calling.

We think free speech is only free if you agree with what I say or believe what I determine is appropriate.

We want to ban recognition of past leaders when we discover they were actually human and flawed like the rest of us.

We celebrate mediocrity as fairness.

Our top priority is worrying about what the other guy does or has instead of asking what we should be doing to reach our goals.

imageMany of us don’t have any concept of hard work while the likes of Old BS Tweets “Americans are the most overworked people in the world.” If we are the most overworked and yet we are where Sanders says we are, then we must also be the dumbest people in the world. Of course, there may be other evidence of that. Look at the four candidates we are supporting one of which will become our leader. 🙀

We have a problem with student loan debt we are told, but never hear about the time that is wasted in college, or that our students spend less time in study than in other countries or that it takes many six years to get a four-year degree or that many students need remedial courses and eventually receive degrees of no economic value.

What the hell is wrong with us?   


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