Observations on life

Privacy? Forget it, there ain’t no such thing anymore

A month ago I booked a hotel in London. I did so using the hotel chains app and my iPad as I always do. Yesterday I used Google maps to check the distance and time from the hotel to Heathrow Airport. The map showed me the route and time AND the dates I was staying at the hotel AND the time my flight lands in London. 

A few days ago I was browsing looking for a new stylus for my iPad, today an ad for the stylus I was considering popped up on my Facebook page … and stimulated me to buy😏

Everybody is watching and learning … about you … from anywhere in he world. It would appear that we no longer need the words ” I don’t know.”



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  1. I hate the pop up ads, someone needs to fix the system, too many times after I have purchased something, ads come up for what was just purchased. Stupid. My ad blocker helps but does not stop all of the crap. I guess it is the price we pay for saving money on-line.


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