At Work

Public Sector Employees

Following is the text of a press release from the US Secretary of Labor. 3-30-16

“Today’s Supreme Court ruling is an important victory for public employees, for their right to have a voice at work, for their right to stand together and speak up for the things that matter to them, their families and their communities.

“The court’s 4-4 decision in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association affirms longstanding precedent that, for decades, has enabled teachers, police officers, fire fighters, EMTs, social workers and others to come together and bargain collectively for better wages, benefits and working conditions.

“Unions have enabled public sector employees to secure a foothold in the middle class. But those public servants have faced a powerful headwind in recent years. Despite a robust economic recovery, government employment hasn’t rebounded as private sector jobs have.

“These are our friends and neighbors. They do tough and often thankless work – and they aren’t getting rich doing it. They do so much to give us stronger schools, safer streets and more vibrant communities. In return for their heroic efforts every day to support us, they should be able to support their own families.

“Today’s ruling will mean greater economic stability for millions of families. It’s a critical step toward creating shared prosperity and a balanced economy that works for everyone.”

The fact is that public employees are generally more secure in their jobs than the private sector, they are subject to less rigorous performance evaluation and thanks to the unholy alliance between Democratic politicians and their unions, and they have a compensation package that exceeds that available to most private sector workers. 

And remember, that “greater economic stability for millions of families… and shared prosperity and a balanced economy that works for everyone, ” is coming from your pocket via your property and other state taxes. You might want to check the status of pension funding and cost of health benefits for public employees in your state. 

And about that robust economic recovery, the Secretary better tell Sanders about that … and the rest of the middle-class as well. 

Is it ever possible for a politician or bureaucrat to view anything in more than one dimension?


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  1. I agree, when I was in high school in 1974, the teachers and city employees in my town of South Gate, CA had the best cars in the parking lot. I would walk by the City Hall and Police Dept private parking lots on my way home and see Mercedes, Jaguar, Lincoln, Cadillac and Corvettes. Then I would walk by the Weiser Lock manufacturing plant and see run of the mill Ford, Chevy and VW Bugs. I knew who was making the better wages by what cars they were driving. I also knew that many of my teachers were driving in from Malibu, Hollywood, Marina Del Rey, Palos Verdes and Santa Monica, where the real estate was pricey even in 1974. Places my parents and friends parents would never be able to afford. I do not believe any of my high school teachers actually lived in South Gate, CA.


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