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If I only had a …

img_0043Following are exit poll results from the Michigan primary. Is there any doubt that easy fixes at anyone else’s expense resonates with the young, inexperienced population whose only frame of reference for the American economy is the recession of 2008?

Apparently while barely starting on life’s journey many of these folks believe someone has taken opportunity from them, that the system is rigged, that billionaires keep taking more of a finite economic pie and that merely raising taxes on anyone but them will make everything  okay again – whatever that may mean.

What chance do I have?

What chance do I have?

It appears under age forty is synonymous with naive. If they only had a brain.

It sure is a good thing the innovators, creators, entrepreneurs and risk takers of the last two centuries didn’t think like many of our young people today.  Yikes, I wouldn’t even have my iPad to write this with.


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  1. What scares me more than the young voters, it is the 64% that are above age 40 still voting for Dummycrats. We know if Hillary Rotten Clinton is elected everyone’s taxes are going to go up. At least with the Ripoffagains in the White House I know my taxes will not go up as much.


    • I have no doubt at this point that Clinton will be the next president. The only possibility otherwise is if by a miracle Trump is not the nominee. We are facing some dim prospects either way. I am rapidly losing faith in the common sense of the average American; left or right.


      • It is going to be a very close election this year. Trump just might be able to beat Hillary, there are plenty of people who do not like her. I think many of the B.S. supporters will stay home rather than vote for her. Once all the negative adds about how rotten Hillary really is flood the TVs many will just stay home. With only about 50% of the people voting anything can happen. A Trump / Cruz or Trump / Kasich ticket just might make the difference for the Rs. When both parties continue to run people who are controlled by special interest and Wall Street the country will continue to decline. You can still make a good living in the U.S., just do not think the government is going to help one bit.


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