Are you prevented from using your brain in the voting booth? 

First, do you know what the Citizens United decision permits and does not permit?

Second, do you believe that if you and other voters are exposed to extensive political advertising from Union, corporate, or other PACs, you will be unable to exercise free judgement when you vote in November?



  1. Although I vehemently disagree with the SCOTUS Citizens United decision and I abhor the ideologies of the Koch brothers and vomit hearing the unbending ideology and debate tactics of McCarthyistic Cruz; I also fear the following:
    1) Teapublikkkan voting district gerrymandering
    2) Teapublikkkan state voter ID laws which target Democratic voters
    3) Teapublikkkan states purging the voter rolls to eliminate Democratic voters
    4) Teapublikkkans shortening the voting period and eliminating same-day registration to suppress Democratic votes and eliminating voting by mail in a great many states
    5) The low voter turnout in the Democratic primaries
    Establishment Republicans are scared Shitless of Hillary and well they should be because their candidates other than Kasich are hopeless clowns
    They began years ago to create false scandals such as Benghazi et al to discredit Hillary and it’s not working – she will crush their nominee
    With regard to Citizens United, as disgustingly Reich wing as that decision was, Jeb Bush spent $150,000,000 in campaign ads and is now home on his couch. American Teapublikkkan voters may be dumb enough to nominate Trump, but they are not dumb enough to nominate another Bush


    1. Wilson, I disagree with your Hillary Rotten Clinton is unstoppable.
      She is carrying way too much baggage, all the way back to whitewater and the $100,000 she made with a $1,000 investment in the stock market.= Tyson Chicken pay off.
      She was a terrible, senator for NY, what did she do while in the senate? Nothing. She was the worst Sec of State, logged plenty of miles, lied about being shot at on the tarmac, accomplished nothing, Reset with Russia, give me a break.
      66% of Democrats do not trust Hillary in the latest poll.
      When the negative adds hit the air during the general election, it is going to be a fire storm.
      Many Democrats may cross over to the Rs like 1980 or stay home in NOV.

      No matter who gets elected in Nov, the circus in D.C. will continue.

      Mark Twain, “If voting made any real difference they would not let us do it”


      1. Republicans have never cared about what the voters think or believe and they never will. The list of very popular issues opposed by Republicans is endless and you know all of them. Both the entire civilized world and this nation are moving toward liberalism and progressism. The ship has sailed and the Republicans missed the boat.


      2. Wilson, Democrats have lied to the voter over and over again to get you to vote for them. You can keep your doctor, You can keep your insurance. More Republicans voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Bill, than Democrats. Democrats in the south started the KKK, and were against giving blacks any rights after the Civil War. I am not buying the lies on both sides, never have never will. I just cannot believe all the people following Hillary, Bernie and Trump or any of the other political elite, like they are going to do anything to help the average citizen. It is a sad time in America when Hillary, Bernie, Trump and Cruz are the top people that are running for the highest office in our country.


    2. Aren’t you just a tad one sided. Do you seriously believe the Democrats do all the same and similar things? Why do u ignore the impact of CU on unions and their spending on Democrats? Why do you ignore the fundamental issue; are voters so stupid that CU spending on ads influences them?


    3. Wilson, I tried your link and it is not working. But, it does not matter. The Dummycrats are just better at hiding their Shenanigans behind closed doors, than than the Ripoffagains. I will not defend anything this corrupt political class tells on either side. The best thing that could happen to this country is an A-Bomb over D.C. Reset, start over. Way better that the reset with Russia, that Hillary Rotten Clinton is so proud of.


  2. Hmmm…. can Congress overturn a decision of the Supreme Court. Obama care is a law and can be overturned (repealed) by congress. Congress overturning a court decision would be held unconstitutional by the same Supreme Court.


    1. Aren’t you a little biased yourself, to think that all voters are going to vote one way or another just because they see an ad.
      Both sides use the media to sell their guy and bad mouth the other guy, are you saying the Rs are just better at it than the Ds.
      Bush spent over 150 million and could not even break 10%. So I do not think the ads help as much as everyone thinks.
      The the Ds can use CU to help their guy just like the Rs. CU did not help Romney get elected in 2012.


  3. If you really think overturning Citizen’s United is going to fix things, you are crazy. Just like repealing Obamacare would not fix the mess in healthcare. Term limits might help, but I am not sure even that would do much to restore the U.S. to a government of, by and for the people. We have had a government of, by and for the corporations and special interests for so long, I am not sure it can be reversed.

    Yes, I benefit from many of the things government does, roads, cleaner air, better infrastructure than almost any country in the world. But we all pay a high price for the corruption and behind closed doors deals that go on in D.C. every day.

    “Put our democracy back in the hands of the American voter” – I got a good laugh with that one.
    The Republican power brokers are already at work behind the scenes trying to make sure they can take the choice away from the voters at the convention and make damned sure Donald Trump is not the winner.

    They have already decided that Trump cannot beat Hillary, they think know better than the voters.


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