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Bernie Sanders Twitter page says the following:

I’ve been looking, but have yet to find that -B on any of the abundent Tweets in his name. Does Old Bernie know how to use Twitter? I wonder. Somebody does because in 140 characters they criticize every segment of America. Why would anyone want to live in this horrible, unfair, unequal country? Certainly the millenial staffers who Tweet their brains out must have their bags packed should Bernie crash and burn. 

According to the Tweets, children, workers, women, students, seniors, the middle-class, minorities and just about everyone else except the four hundred billionaires and hedge fund managers (likely the same people) deserve more from government. 

To get a flavor of the Sanders mentality, it’s worth taking a look at his Twitter account. 

One comment

  1. The Race, Class, Gender and age baiting that our political class uses ever single election is deplorable. Over 20 years ago black friend of mine in the USAF said it best, “people need to get over it, not a single person alive today has it as bad as people living 75 to 150 years ago.” President Reagan – “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

    It is all used to control the masses, they have been doing it for thousands of years. Do Bernie, Hillary or any of these run of the mill politicians really think they are fooling anyone? It goes to show you why Donald Trump is doing so well with the average voter. I do not agree with everything Trump says, but I agree with even less of what the others running for the White House are saying.


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