The next president will be HBD

Make no mistake about it, the next President of the United States will be a women.

And we will be faced with more years of gridlock, politics over people and politics over the best for our Country.

Frustrated voters on both left and right are not thinking clearly or strategically for the long-term. They are susceptible to propaganda that offers quick, easy and scapegoat focused solutions. They are looking extreme right or extreme left which in my opinion does nobody any good.

So, in the end we will elect the least extreme, as close to center as we can get from far left or right. The candidate we all want is nowhere to be found🙃

Our next president will be HBD*






*Hillary By Default


  1. I fear that your prediction may come true. 6 months ago I wanted both Bernie and Donald to stay in the race just long enough to force the other hopefuls to talk about issues other than the party line. In this respect some of that happen. I never dreamed that both of them would have made it this far. Today after Romney became the Republican Party lead attacker against Trump, I guess that the Republican Party is willing to give up on the presidency rather than to let Trump win the nomination. I fear that it will be HBD.

    In November when I throw-up on the voting machine, who does my vote count toward?


  2. You’re really going out on a limb here Dick. A lot can happen between now and Election Day.

    Hillary gets indicted…. Yeah! fat chance Obama justice dept. indicts her.

    Republicans have a brokered convention and Trump gets dumped. Trump supporters stay home on Election Day in protest and …….. Quinn is right, it’s Hillary by default.


      1. I hope you are wrong about Hillary Rotten Clinton. The Rs need to get over it and support who ever gets the nomination.
        It just might be time to move out of the country, if the Ds get control of the WH for another 4 or 8 years. I hear Sardinia, Italy is nice.


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