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The age of struggle

Following is a letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal in response to the column referenced.

I am convinced more than ever that our biggest problem is that we have raised a generation that thinks everyone should get a trophy. A generation that takes no responsibility, and delights in blaming others and whining about every challenge in life. 

I can’t wait until they are adults. Oh wait, many are “adults.” They attend Sander’s rallies. 

Is the period since 2008 the worst this Country has seen? Are students today more worried about grades than in the past (or are they less prepared for college and life)?  Was a job after college ever guaranteed? The fact these people are students puts them ahead of millions of other young Americans, some of whom found military service a necessary part of their future. What did you expect the students to report as being difficult to handle, their next frat party? What college student hasn’t stressed over money? 

There are bigger issues here; the changing world, the global economy, the new nature of work in America, the realigning of the American standard of living in relation to the rest of the world. Socialism ain’t going to fix all that. 

Peggy NooĀ­nan is spot on when she deĀ­scribes the finanĀ­cial anxĀ­iĀ­ety of milĀ­lenniĀ­als that leads them to support the soĀ­cialĀ­ist presĀ­idenĀ­tial candidate Bernie Sanders (ā€œSocialism Gets a SecĀ­ond Life,ā€ DeĀ­cĀ­laĀ­rations, Jan. 30). KuĀ­dos to Sen. Sanders for speaking to an isĀ­sue that affects the stuĀ­dents I see every day in my office, as a psychiatrist at a colĀ­lege counĀ­seling cenĀ­ter.

Many stuĀ­dents strugĀ­gle to meet their tuĀ­ition and housĀ­ing exĀ­penses. Since the Great Recession, parents are less able to ofĀ­fer fiĀ­nanĀ­cial assistance. I have seen stuĀ­dents go without food to pay for books; our colĀ­lege now has a pantry where students in need can obtain food free of charge.

StuĀ­dents are burĀ­dened by fears: Will I be able to do well enough in school to keep my finanĀ­cial aid and scholarĀ­ship? Will I be able to earn enough in the fuĀ­ture to pay off my loans. FinĀ­nanĀ­cial conĀ­cerns rate second only to acaĀ­dĀ­emics as a maĀ­jor stressor for colĀ­lege students, with 33.5% of stuĀ­dents reĀ­porting fiĀ­nances beĀ­ing traumatic or very difĀ­fiĀ­cult to hanĀ­dle, acĀ­cordĀ­ing to results from the 2015 AmerĀ­ican ColĀ­lege Health AsĀ­soĀ­ciaĀ­tion surĀ­vey.

FiĀ­nanĀ­cial health is inĀ­timately tied to menĀ­tal health, and the next presidentā€”RepubĀ­liĀ­can or DemoĀ­cĀ­ratā€”should make promotĀ­ing fiĀ­nanĀ­cial health for milĀ­lenĀ­niĀ­als a priĀ­orĀ­ity. MarĀ­cia MorĀ­ris, M.D.

Noonan says in part:

If you are 20 or 30 you probĀ­aĀ­bly see capĀ­iĀ­talĀ­ism in terms of two draĀ­matic themes. The first was the crash of ā€™08, in which heedĀ­less, irĀ­reĀ­sponĀ­siĀ­ble operĀ­aĀ­tors in busiĀ­ness and government kited the system and scrammed. The secĀ­ond is inĀ­come inĀ­equality. Why are some peoĀ­ple richer than the richĀ­est kings and so many poor as serfs? Is that what capitalism gives you? Then maybe we should reĀ­think this!

And Mr. Sanders makes it sound so easy. Weā€™re rich, he says; we can do this with a few taxes. It is soft MarxĀ­ism. And itā€™s not soĀ­cialĀ­ism now, itā€™s ā€œdemoĀ­craĀ­tic soĀ­cialĀ­ismā€ like they  have in EuĀ­rope. Youā€™ve been to EuĀ­rope. Aside from its refugee crisis and some EU problems, itā€™s a great placeā€”a big welĀ­fare state thatā€™s wealthy! The French take three-hour lunches.


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  1. It is very easy for the political elite to point fingers at who ever they want, but they are the ones that have created many more of the problems than anyone else. The older I got the smarter my Dad got, or at least I realized as a young adult, I did not have a clue of how things really work. I sometimes believe no one under 40 should be allowed to vote, but then I realize it just does not make a difference what clown sets in the white house, no matter what the political elite say. I have seen no difference in my life, no matter who is running the government. I will not give this upcoming election a second thought, because it will not change how i live my life.


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