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Understanding Old Bernie

If you believe that his Twitter Tweets are written by Sanders or at least are reflective of his true beliefs, you can learn a lot about him from these 140 character quips.

imageFirst, except for ranting against trade agreements, there is virtually nothing related to the international situation in the world. There is plenty of blaming billionaires (all 400 of them) and claiming they control elections; which to any thinking person is an insult and is demeaning to the average voter.

There is a great deal complaining about what is “unfair” like private prisons, too many people in jail for drug violations, the Koch brothers, immigration, banks, student loans, CEOs, and of course billionaires, etc.

In short, if you think life is unfair to you solely because of others, Sanders will be appealing. It seems everything is wrong in America because it is not a socialist country and we don’t live by transferring wealth from those who succeed to those who are comfortable with mediocrity.

imageHis view of the world is incredibly naive, almost as naive as the people who accept all he says as fact or believe he can come close to doing all he says he will do or that if he did there would not be consequences.

He is expert, and sincere, at pandering. If you tell people what they want to hear or want to believe, you can gain support. It matters little the facts, the consequences or the impossibility of implementation. That’s true for all politicians of course, but Sanders has a unique set of promises that not only create unrealistic expectations, but more important, ignore the essence and root cause of the problems he seeks to address.

Check out his Twitter posts and then check out the facts for yourself. @SenSanders


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