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Thoughts on inequality

A lot of Americans earn less than I do, a lot of Americans earn more than I do. A lot of Americans have a lower net worth than I do. I lot of Americans have a higher net worth than I do. 

Many Americans have embraced opportunity better than I did during my working life, but I leveraged opportunity better than many other Americans. 

Some Americans started life with more opportunities than I had, many went to college from high school. Other Americans had few opportunities handed to them. Some overcame disadvantages; others did not. 

Many Americans are smarter investors and savers than I was. Others are spendthrifts. 

Some Americans are happy with a job, others build a career. Some Americans live for today others plan for the future. 

Is all this inequality or is it just life?  Should I envy the super wealthy? Should some Americans envy me? 

Inequality is not the problem. What would be a problem is any intentional effort to hamper average Americans from upward mobility. Now, if there is even unintentional blocks to upward mobility, that is what we should address and that includes the life choices people make. 

Blaming the so-called billionaire class is misleading and pointless being nothing more than churning class envy with no productive result. Millenials need to rethink their perspective. 


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