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Sincere naïveté; somebody please help Old Bernie

Above is a good example of Sanders great sounding glib comments that ignore reality.

First, he opposes international trade deals which are the essence of a global economy and ignores the economic implications of not using lower cost foreign workers.

More important is the fact that opening the doors to free college is not the answer.

imageThe real problem is students not prepared for college in the first place, students wasting time on non-productive degrees, inefficient colleges dragging out the time to obtain a degree and time wasted by students during their time in school.

But hey, all we want is simple sounding answers, right?


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  1. Mr. Quinn – the overwhelming popularity of “Old Bernie” [your words] among young people in America is tearing you up pretty badly based upon your daily condemnations of his candidacy – it’s signs of the times that you cannot ignore, Quinn – young America is rapidly trending liberal and progressive with the rest of the civilized world and there is nothing that you can do to stop it because these “kids” know reality and ignore age-old ideology – deal with it – the GOP aka “Greed Over People” is forever doomed


      • You are bogged down in the status quo
        “Some people see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were and say, why not?”
        Robert F. Kennedy (1925-1968)
        Don’t tell me all of the reasons that it cannot be done – admit to your pessimism that it cannot be done or to your ideology that you do not want it to be done
        Ted Cruz is campaigning on the slogan that he is the most Conservative candidate. Does anyone really care about the puritanism of his individual ideology?


      • You overstate the issue. There are few ways left to actually avoid taxes and wealth is not taxed no matter where it is. Trusts and other legal ways delay or defer some taxes, but rarely avoid them in the end. I use a trust to minimize state inheritance taxes so my children and grandchildren receive the money. I wish I had enough to do the same with federal estate taxes.

        Inversions are for corporations and if it weren’t for the high corporate taxes in the US that wouldn’t be an issue either and more money would come back and be invested here. Who doesn’t take advantage of every legal means to minimize taxes?

        Actually, the great majority of tax fraud is in the form of under reported income; the very wealthy don’t have that. Most of it is because of small businesses and individually employed person dealing in cash sales.


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