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To Succeed In The Future Requires A New Way Of Thinking About Jobs

… the economy is fac­ing com­plex struc­tural head­winds for both: Artificial intelligence and self-learn­ing al­gorithms are ef­fi­ciency-creat­ing and cost-re­duc­ing, and soon they will be displac­ing ser­vice pro­fes­sionals and Ph.Ds just as they have fac­tory work­ers. The Bank of Eng­land projects that 45% of jobs done by peo­ple in the U.K. will even­tu­ally be per­formed by robots. Ark­In­vest expects the U.S. to shed 75 mil­lion jobs in the next two decades. 

From Opinion WSJ 2-20-16 Daniel Arbess, the founder of Xe­rion Invest­ments, is a mem­ber of the Coun­cil on For­eign Re­la­tions and co-founder of No Labels, pro­mot­ing po­lit­i­cal bi­parti­san­ship. 


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